An Indescribable 14 Day Journey

The NFL Fitness Tour was the opportunity of a lifetime. The trip began in Alaska and ended in Alice Springs, Australia. Over a 14 day span (and 9 flights) we met military men, women and children. They were stationed at Fort Greely (AK), Clear Air Force Station (AK), Eielson Air Force Base (AK), Fort Wainwright (AK) and US Air Force Detachment 421 (AUS).

I have immense gratitude for the individuals that serve our country. The sacrifices they make each day is indescribable.


The Moments That Made This Tour Memorable

Each day, was a new and humbling experience. Because, I was able to get a glimpse of our troops’ daily routine. We worked on fitness classes together, teamed up for cheer clinics, shared meals and participated in fun activities and sightseeing tours around the bases we visited. Our military contacts were great hosts. It made me feel special to hear them speak of how wonderful it was to have a “piece of home” visiting them at the base.


There are many memorable moments on this tour. As a result, I will never forget the smiles on the kid’s faces as we taught them cheer routines. Plus, I will always remember the conversations with the troops about some of their job responsibilities and the long hours they work. Also, our Alice Springs contacts took us to a kangaroo sanctuary! Who could forget that? The best part about “being down under” was a new experience for me. I got to ride a camel through the outback!


I was excited to share when I got back home about visiting one of the local schools in Alaska. It was truly different from any school I’d been exposed to growing up. The school totaled 35 kids all ranging from ages five to eighteen!


Words cannot describe how grateful I am for this experience. I am so thankful for the military serving our country everyday. And thankful ProTour Productions and Armed Forces Entertainment chose to take me as a representative on this tour.


Elyssa, Minnesota Vikings