Making Connections in South Korea

Cheerleaders Tour South Korea for Superbowl 50

Being in South Korea for a week filled me with constant happiness, joy, and immense appreciation for the men, women, and children who relocate theirs lives thousands of miles away for one reason; our protection. Having the opportunity to thank these courageous people was surreal, but getting to know a little bit more about each and everyone of them was life changing.A specific moment struck me and stands out from my travels.

A Bond Not to Be Forgotten

Lexie, a 14-year old girl, recently moved to South Korea for her dad’s job. It came to my attention before our first cheer clinic that she felt lost in a place she now had to call home. Lexie was a passionate gymnast back in the U.S. and after speaking with her she felt that passion was taken away when she was forced to move across the world. I felt an immediate bond with Lexie. We talked, laughed, and even had a couple handstand competitions. I did everything in my power to bring a sense of comfort and home into her life. I encouraged Lexie to continue doing gymnastic in the local gym at Camp Walker and by the end of the clinic she ensured me she would keep pushing for her dreams. We are currently keeping in contact and I am honored to say we will forever be, pen pals:)
Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader