Mandi’s Opportunity of a Lifetime

ProTour Productions gave us the opportunity of a lifetime! What an INCREDIBLE experience we had at NSF Diego Garcia! From the moment we landed, until the time of our departure, we were honored show our appreciation to the men and women who keep our country safe and free. We were welcomed into Diego Garcia with unforgettable experiences and meaningful moments with our service men and women.
Between spending our days exploring the base, learning about the different responsibilities of each department, and personally thanking the brave men and women for their countless daily sacrifices, we could not do enough to say THANK YOU to these honorable men and women!  One of the sacrifices our military members go without, is the beloved American tradition of Super Bowl Sunday. During our stay, we were able to bring a piece of the Super Bowl to our troops. We watched the big game live, cheered with military members, and performed for members of the U.S. Navy and Air Force.

Being able to bring a little piece of home to these military members, truly humbled us. The reason we are able to safely live our day-to-day lives, educate our students, attend sporting events, pursue our dreams and enjoy freedom is because of the men and women who are sacrificing their own lives overseas. Saying thank you to these men and women is an honor; but to visit them, and give them something back that they are sacrificing, that is somewhat surreal.


All the best from Singapore,

Philadelphia Eagles