The Memories That Made Tedious Travel Worthwhile

With the last full day of our military tour checked off, I wanted to reflect on how unbelievable these past two weeks have been. If I said every minute was an absolute dream, I’d be lying. But given the amazing people I was surrounded by and a few Face Times made to missed ones back home, those few times of pure exhaustion that made the trip less than a dream quickly faded away.

Traveling Can Be Tedious But The Journey Was Worthwhile

In 14 days I took 11 plane rides and switched into 4 different times zones. However, the long hours and flights came with some amazing experiences. I was able to experience the northern lights, hold baby kangaroos, ride a camel through the outback, go off roading, walk the steps of the Sydney Opera House, meet incredible people and try many new foods. But NONE of that compares to the joy I had while teaching a cheer clinic to the little girls who are constantly moving because of their parents military jobs. It also didn’t compare to the fun I had leading a workout class to 40 military men who sacrifice their lives for us each and everyday day.

Getting to Know Our US Troops

I really enjoyed talking with different service men and women who left their families back in the states to do what they love and serve our country. I saw the passion, integrity and the grit our military has while on tour. It’s really heartwarming and special to know I helped to bring a smile to someone’s face who’s missing their United States family. It’s also great to think I could’ve possibly sparked a dream for one of those little girls who may have never thought it would be possible to become an NFL Cheerleader. Moments like this made my 14 days a once in a lifetime opportunity I will never forget.

My Most Memorable Moment On Tour

The highlight of my entire trip was visiting a small school in Alaska. It was called Anderson Elementary School. The school was small, but full of life and spirit. The children were eager to learn about our lives. They asked the NFL alumni football players touring with us a ton of questions. As the NFL Cheerleaders on tour we answered questions too. I was surprised at how small the school was.

Can you believe there were only 30 total students?  Thirty students ranging from grades kindergarten through senior in high school. It was such a change of pace it was for me to experience a school like that. It made me realize how lucky I was to attend schools in the past filled with multiple students. I truly appreciate that growing up I was able to engage in numerous activities and sporting events. But it’s not so negative. These kids have wonderful teachers and wonderful spirits! They may be a small group but they make the best of it and act like a close knit family. Their bond is truly inspiring.


Hannah, Indianapolis Colts