Our Crew

The Importance of Tour Managers in Making Our Tours Successful

On each tour sent out by ProTour Productions we send out Tour Managers to help the trip go along smoothly. The tour managers serve as the point of contact on all tours and help direct the entertainers on location.  ProTour takes pride in locating and staffing enthusiastic, responsible, detail oriented tour managers for our tours.


Takara Fuller

Takara, ProTour’s Tour Manager and Digital Brand Strategist has been touring with ProTour Productions since July 2012.   She’s toured with the company to Djibouti, Kuwait, Misawa and Alaska. Takara says her favorite thing about touring is being able to spend time with the troops and meeting the base staff.  She owns a media production company and resides in Tampa, Florida.




Carrie Riley

Carrie Riley is a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader who retired after cheering her team on to a Super Bowl championship.  She has been touring with ProTour Productions for five years.  Carrie has traveled to Alaska, Japan, Hawaii, The Marshall Islands and Guam serving as tour manager.  Carrie owns an Interior Design Firm and resides with her husband and 2 dogs in Sarasota, Florida.



Brandy Kirschner

Brandy is a former Atlanta Falcons Cheerleader and Atlanta Hawks Dance Team member.  She began touring with ProTour Productions in 2011.  She’s visited Japan and Diego Garcia. With a passion for adventure travel, Brandy’s most loved moments on tour are spent getting to know our selfless military and the hardworking base staff.  When not on tour, Brandy pursues a career in TV Production and Casting, and she resides with her husband in Atlanta, Georgia.


Brooke Abner

Brooke Abner, Tour Manager started touring with Protour Productions in 2012. She’s traveled to Guam, Japan, Singapore, Diego Garcia, Bahrain, and Australia. Brooke’s favorite part of going on tour is meeting new people and supporting the great  men, women, and families dedicated to serving our country.



Tomoko Kojima

Tomoko Kojima is a former Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleader.   She began touring while on the squad after being selected for the travel team.  ProTour Productions invited Tomoko to tour in 2010.  Tomoko has traveled to Culaso islands and Okinawa and Japan. Tomoko is a dance and cheerleading coach and owns a cheer and dance academy. She resides with her husband and a daughter in her home country Osaka, Japan.

Tandra Caldwell

Tandra Caldwell is a former Tennessee Titans Cheerleader. She has been in the health care industry working as a nurse for 5 years. She began touring with ProTour Productions in 2013 and has since been to Africa, Alaska, Australia, Singapore, and Diego Garcia. Tandra’s favorite thing about touring is getting to meet the men and women that serve our country and see the hard work they do everyday for our freedom.


Vicki Grimes

Vicki Grimes, began touring with ProTour Productions in 2016 with a group to Japan. She enjoyed exploring a new country while having the opportunity to meet many of the brave men and women who serve in our national military. She is looking forward to managing tours in the future. Vicki resides in Tampa, FL where she works for the non-profit organization; Family First. She is the All Pro Dad’s Day Support Manager. She supports over 1,300 volunteers across the United States who run monthly breakfast meetings to help dads strengthen their relationship with their children by spend quality time with them.