Super Bowl Monday Celebrations in Diego Garcia

Happy Super Bowl Monday! That may be a term you don’t hear much in the states! However, since we’re in Diego Garcia the Super Bowl takes place on Monday. The day of the big game was full of some exciting activities. We started the day off bright and early as the Super Bowl started at 5AM our time.

More on the Super Bowl Venue

As we arrived to the islander room where the Super Bowl was being aired, they had an autograph table set up for us with our posters ready to go! We had a delicious breakfast and began signing autographs, doing raffles and mingling with all of the military men and women! During halftime, we surprised everyone with a special performance. We performed 2 routines that we had been practicing all week long!


Wrapping Up the Tour With Fun

The rest of the day consisted of major relaxation since we had been up so early and staying busy all week long! I had a chance to walk the beach, grab souvenirs and take a tour around the island. Tomorrow is our last day here on the island and we are topping it off with going on a navy submarine tour! This trip has been one for the books. A trip of a lifetime that I will cherish forever! Thank you ProTour Productions for sending me to visit to our service men and women who sacrifice so much for our country, it has been an honor!