Touring Singapore Took My Breath Away

Wow…What an Experience!

First off, thank you to the moon and back Sandy and ProTour Productions! People have been incredibly nice here. I am in awe of the kindness that surrounds me. Our driver, Paul, picked Tandra (tour manager), Samara (Eagles cheerleader) and me up in a very interesting SUV. Upon walking out the airport, I was roused by the Singapore whiff of humid air. Coming from 38 degree weather, this was a relief to me, I hate the cold. In the SUV, I was immediately stunned by how the steering wheel was on the right side of the car! We had to drive to another terminal to pick up Andrea (Arizona Cardinals Cheerleader). Samara and Andrea are stunning inside and out. I admire people with excellent skin and theirs is easy to appreciate.

The Beautiful Sights on Our Trip

While driving to Park Royal Hotel en route to Beach Road, we quickly noticed the colossal lit ferris wheel and breathtaking skyline. I screamed in excitement and probably scared everyone. Pulling up to the semi circle Park Royal driveway, I was roused again by the humid air. We took exciting pictures in front of our hotel. Our room was amazing and had a very comforting aroma. The floor to the bathroom from the bedroom was elevated, so I stubbed my toe.

New Experiences in Singapore

The next day, we went down for breakfast and met Manny who was very sweet. I ate dragon fruit for the very first time. Afterwards, we went to the ATM and went on a little journey to find a money exchange. We walked the streets of Singapore. While walking on Arab Street, I noticed it was a little like India city. There were a copious amount of indian fabric stores, carpet stores and clothing stores. Even though we saw a lot of those stores, we also noticed a lot of places were closed such as restaurants and massage parlors. We were thinking, “It’s a Monday morning, why are these places closed? They must be laid back workers!” haha. We went down three or four blocks and discovered the exchange stores were closed. We asked a local restaurant what time they opened and she mentioned it was the CHINESE NEW YEAR which is their national holiday! It all made sense previously noticing all those places were closed. We took an Uber (which exceeded my expectations in the quality of service and conversation) to ChinaTown. I was swept away by the fast, nik nak culture in that area. I was surprised by how diverse the area was with beautiful Africans, Australians and Asians. We got interesting souvenirs and ate chili crab, which had an acquired taste.

Thereafter, we proceeded to make our way to the Marina Gardens. What a beautiful piece of heaven. Trees, plants and artwork instantly captivated me. We took a tour around the gardens and saw all types of moses, ferns, cactus, trees and artwork one of which was a huge white baby surrounded by white flowers which represented Earth. Adjacent to that art piece, was the Sands Hotel, Kallang Basin and the interminable Singapore Skyline. We returned to Park Royal and freshened up for dinner. While doing so, we had the pro cheerleading comparison conversation.

Learning More About The Other NFL Cheerleading Squads

After conversation with the girls, I learned the Eagles heavily focus on dancing and have a 6 year cap. Also, the Cardinals have a 3 year cap and do not have a calendar. I discerned how blessed I was on my team. I later learned the other teams do not have weigh ins and determined our blessings are equal.

Wrapping Up a Great Tour

We ubered to Clark Quay while passing contemporary upscale shops and condos. We also passed government buildings. Clark Quay is an outdoor mall area with cute restaurants. I couldn’t recognize any of the names although they were in English. I did notice one in which we ate – Prive. We then proceeded to the Sky Bar in the Sands Hotel. It was a good 15 min drive. We were introduced with Lambos and the upper echelon of society. We took the elevator to the 52nd floor and almost cried at the beauty of the Singapore skyline. Down below were the Chinese new year parade shenanigans. They started blowing fireworks at 9 pm. I had a virgin Mojito at the bar which was refreshing and delicious. We returned home and I was KO. I can’t tell or measure how much I appreciate ProTour Productions.


Evony, Tennesee Titans Cheerleader